Advising is mandatory once a year, and the hold is placed in the spring quarter - prior to the start of fall registration. You do not need to wait until the hold is in place to see your advisor. Speaking with an advisor any time during the academic year will clear the hold in spring.

Find your advisor with the

(If you do not see your name on the Advising list, please contact the Kinesiology Department office in HP-120 or at (909) 537-5349).

If you need additional assistance, please visit the College of Natural Science (CNS) Advising Center, located in TC-032. Students can also schedule appointments with the advising center by calling (909) 537-7627. Please come to HP-120 and get your student file prior to meeting with your advisor or visiting the Peer Advising Center. For additional advising information, please visit the CNS Peer Advising Center's website.

Quarter to Semester Conversion 

CSUSB is moving to a semester system in Fall 2020. Receiving frequent advising is key to ensuring a timely graduation for students. For more detailed information and updates about the anticipated conversion, please visit the Q2S Conversion website.
Phone: (909) 537-7771

The Kinesiology Department's goal is to help our students with either completing timely in the Quarter System before Fall 2020 (Quarter Completers) and assist in the transition for students that will start in the Quarter System and graduate in the Semester System (Semester Completers). 
Quarter Completers: Any students graduating between Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 (Quarter Completers) will be REQUIRED to attend either a Kinesiology group advising session or go to peer advising and create a MyCap (roadmap until graduation) prior to Feb 4th, 2019 or there will be a HOLD placed on your account for Spring registration. See below for Kinesiology group advising sessions in Winter 2019 and information on how to register for sessions. 

Semester Completers: Any students planning on graduating after Summer 2020, you will be required to go Kinesiology group advising sessions in Spring 2019, more detailed information will be available during the Winter 2019 quarter. 

Any questions or concerns regarding Quarter to Semester Conversion for Kinesiology students can be directed to Dr. Guillermo Escalante, Dr. Nicole Dabbs, and/or Dr. Amanda Rymal.

Advising Sheets

Below are a list of advising sheets for the 2017/2018 bulletin year. To view prior year advising sheets, please contact us.

Road Maps (Typical 4 Year Program Plans)