Department of Kinesiology


Within these pages you will find information about our undergraduate programs. Kinesiology is the second largest department in the College of Natural Sciences. We believe in the importance of a quality education, and strive to maintain relatively small classes taught by tenure track faculty.

Kinesiology Faculty

Bottom row, left to right: Jason Ng, Betsabe Bolanos, Amanda Rymal, Hepsi Sudhakar, Justin Swanson, Chris Hill
Middle row, left to right: Chris Gentry, Michael Rister, Hyun-Kyoung Oh, Guillermo Escalante, Chauncey Hayes, Joe Liscano, Terry Rizzo, Samantha Harbin
Top row, left to right: Carl Sanchez, Ben Liscano, SangOuk Wee, Hosung So, Nicole Dabbs, Bryan Haddock, Sonia Gamboa-Perez, Sarah Jarvis 

The CSUSB Department of Kinesiology is a member of
the American Kinesiology Association.

American Kinesiology Association