Faculty & Staff

Faculty Student Hours for the Current Term


Dr. Nicole Bournias-Vardiabasis (Developmental Genetics)
Phone: 909.537.5309
Email: nbournia@csusb.edu
Office: BI-317

Dr. Michael Chao, Chairman (Neurobiology)
Phone: 909.537.5388
Email: mchao@csusb.edu
Office: BI-318

Dr. Jeremy Dodsworth (Microbiology, Microbial Ecology)
Phone: 909.537.7396
Email: jdodsworth@csusb.edu
Office: BI-312

Dr. James Ferrari (Population Genetics)
Phone: 909.537.5364
Email: jferrari@csusb.edu
Office: CS-113

Dr. Angela Horner (Functional Morphology)
Phone: 909.537.5597
Email: ahorner@csusb.edu
Office: BI-320

Dr. Anthony Metcalf (Conservation Biology & Evolution)
Phone: 909.537.7501
Email: ametcalf@csusb.edu
Office: CS-116

Dr. Laura Newcomb (Molecular Virology & Eukaryotic Cell Biology)
Phone: 909.537.5542
Email: lnewcomb@csusb.edu
Office: BI-310

Dr. Daniel Nickerson (Eukaryotic Cell Biology)
Phone: 909.537.3671
Email: daniel.nickerson@csusb.edu
Office: CS-112

Dr. Paul Orwin (Microbiology)
Phone: 909.537.5405
Email: porwin@csusb.edu
Office: CS-115

Dr. Tomasz Owerkowicz (Vertebrate Physiology)
Phone: 909.537.5312
Email: towerkow@csusb.edu
Office: CS-114

Dr. David Polcyn (Animal Physiological Ecology)
Phone: 909.537.5313
Email: dpolcyn@csusb.edu
Office: BI-316

Dr. Bree Putman (Ecology/Herpetology)
Phone: TBD
Email: breanna.putman@csusb.edu
Office: CS-105

Dr. David Rhoads (Plant Molecular/Cellular Biology)
Phone: 909.537.5577
Email: drhoads@csusb.edu
Office: BI-315

Dr. John Skillman (Plant Ecophysiology)
Phone: 909.537.5276
Email: skillman@csusb.edu
Office: BI-309

Dr. David Smith (Ecology and Evolution)
Phone: TBD
Email: David.Smith2@csusb.edu
Office: CS-107

Dr. Stuart Sumida (Vertebrate Paleontology)
Phone: 909.537.7338
Email: ssumida@csusb.edu
Office: BI-314

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson (Neurobiology)
Phone: 909.537.5315
Email: jthompso@csusb.edu
Office: BI-325

Dr. Kimberlyn Williams (Botany, Plant Physiological Ecology)
Phone: 909.537.7656
Email: williams@csusb.edu
Office: BI-311

Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

Ms. Elisabeth Anderson (Lecturer)
Phone: 909.537.7784
Email: eanderso@csusb.edu
Office: CS-108

Ms. Lorrae Fuentes (Lecturer)
Phone: 909.537.3396
Email: lfuentes@csusb.edu
Office: BI-018

Dr. Christina Wistrom (Lecturer)
Phone: 909.537.3662
Email: cwistrom@csus.edu
Office: CS-111

Ms. Susan Lujan (Lecturer)
Phone: 909.537.3662
Email: lujans@csusb.edu
Office: CS-111

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Klaus Brasch (Molecular and cellular endocrinology)
Dr. Herb Brunkhorst (Science Education)
Dr. Richard Fehn (Animal Physiology, Endocrinology) - IN MEMORIAM
Dr. Dalton Harrington (Limnology)
Dr. Sarojam Mankau (Parasitology)
Dr. Alexander Sokoloff (Entomology) - IN MEMORIAM
Dr. Ruth Wilson (Botany) - IN MEMORIAM


Tom Benson (Instructional Support Technician)
Phone: 909.537.3309
Email: tbenson@csusb.edu
Office: BI-323

Peter Braun (Instructional Support Technician)
Phone: 909.537.3662
Email: peter.braun@csusb.edu
Office: BI-211

David Coffey (Instructional Support Technician)
Phone: 909.537.7391
Email: dcoffey@csusb.edu
Office: CS-206

Tori Croom (Animal Health Technician)
Phone: 909.537.5307
Email: tori.croom@csusb.edu
Office: AH-007

Liane Greaver (Instructional Support Technician)
Phone: 909.537.4409
Email: greaverl@csusb.edu
Office: CS-208

Jason Jung (Academic coordinator and lecturer)
Phone: 909.537.4495
Email: jason.jung@csusb.edu
Office: CS-209

Betsabe (Betsy) Bolanos (Administrative Support Coordinator)
Phone: 909.537.7398
Email: betsabe.bolanos@csusb.edu
Office: BI-302

Debbie Reynolds (Administrative Support Coordinator)
Phone: 909.537.5305
Email: dreynold@csusb.edu
Office: BI-302B