CNS Scholarships

The College of Natural Sciences (CNS) provides scholarships to those students majoring in science, health and technology in support of their educational goals. Individuals are selected for scholarship consideration utilizing a variety of criteria, which may include leadership, talent, academic ability, achievement, motivation, promise, and financial need. CNS offers various scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. The amounts and terms of the awards vary, with some scholarships being renewable over a four-year period. Students applying for scholarships should show exceptional promise and are expected to maintain academic excellence in order to have their scholarship awards renewed. While most scholarships are based on financial need, some are based on merit only, in which case need is not a factor.

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CNS Academic ScholarshipTop 1% High School San Bernardino County Graduates
CNS Undergraduate ScholarshipNew students
Leon & Marion Pittman ScholarshipFreshman completing 1st year
Fook Fah Liu Scholarship*Computer Science majors
Peter Wetterlind ScholarshipComputer Science majors
Evelyn Magnuson ScholarshipMath majors
Kim Hughes Scholarship*Math majors
Nursing ScholarshipNursing major
Lena Pond ScholarshipNursing major
Mike Ritter Memorial ScholarshipNursing major
Nursing Endowed Scholarship*Nursing major
Frances Crum Scholarship*Nursing major
Charles Fred Kellers Scholarship*Physics major
Eva Mae Merchant Nursing LoanNursing major

These scholarships are awarded to new and continuing students in accordance with the terms of the gifts. Scholarship applications are accepted according to posted deadlines. Contact the Financial Aid Office for details. Generally, students must possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0 ("B"). Ordinarily, students applying for scholarships are considered for any for which they may be eligible.

Many students qualify for assistance through other programs not administered by the College of Natural Sciences. They include: Veterans' benefits, dependents of disabled or deceased veterans, Social Security Administration, State Department of Rehabilitation, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Cal Grant A/B, Pell Grants, and other public assistance agencies Students can apply directly to the California Student Aid Commission for state-sponsored awards which cover a portion of the expense of required fees. Applications and full information on these awards are available at high schools, community colleges and the California State University, San Bernardino Financial Aid Office. (*Endowed Scholarships)

CNS Academic Scholarship

Top 1% San Bernardino County High School Graduates. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to only the top 1% of graduating High School Seniors who enroll at CSUSB and major in College of Natural Sciences. This $5,000 award can be renewed for a maximum of 12 quarters. Awardees are required to maintain a high level of academic achievement and service to the University. Click on the link to see a list of current scholarship recipients.

NSF-STEM Scholarship Program

Funded for five years by the National Science Foundation, provides financial, curricular, and co-curricular support to transfer students pursing bachelor's degrees in the STEM departments at CSUSB: Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science and Engineering, Geological Sciences, Mathematics, and Physics, and who are not intending to enter the health professions. The project is a collaborative effort between CSUSB and Barstow College, College of the Desert, Imperial Valley College, and San Bernardino Valley College, but will support transfer students from other regional community colleges, as well. This program is independent of the CSUSB Scholarship process, and applicants should contact Kimberley Cousins, Professor of Chemistry ( for additional eligibility and application information.

CNS Undergraduate Scholarship

New students. This scholarship is made available to new students who are majoring in a department of the College of Natural Sciences. The criteria for selection may include leadership, talent, academic ability, achievement, motivation, promise, and financial need.

Leon & Marion Pittman Scholarship

Freshman completing 1st year. The California State University, San Bernardino, College of Natural Sciences awards the Leon V. and Marion G. Pittman Scholarship annually to a full-time sophomore student majoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics. The emphasis in selection is on the student's academic record in the freshman year of studies at CSUSB. The most recent award was for $1000.

Fook Fah Liu Scholarship - Computer Science Majors

Dr. Fook Fah Liu started the computer science program in 1972 and served as chair of the Computer Science Department until1978. The Liu family established the Fook Fah Liu Scholarship to help students majoring in computer Science.

Peter Wetterlind Scholarship - Computer Science Department

Annual scholarship given to a student majoring in Computer Science.

Kim Hughes Scholarship - Math majors

Annual scholarship given to a student majoring in Mathematics.

Nursing Scholarship - Nursing majors

Annual scholarship given to a student majoring in Nursing.

Lena Pond Scholarship - Nursing majors

Annual scholarship given to a student majoring in Nursing.

Nursing Endowed Scholarship - Nursing majors

Annual scholarship given to a student majoring in Nursing.

Frances Crum Scholarship - Nursing majors

Awarded for excellence in Nursing.

CNS High Desert Credit Union Scholarship

Must be a student in the College of Natural Sciences

Charles Fred Kellers Scholarship

Pre-med, biology, chemistry, and Physics majors

Eva Mae Merchant Nursing Loan - Nursing major

The Eva Mae Merchant Loan-Scholarship is awarded annually to students in the Education and Nursing Departments. Each award is comprised of a $1,350 scholarship and a $1,350 no-interest loan. A total of $10,800 is awarded.

Dorothy & David Chen-Maynard Scholarship

Must be a student in the College of Natural Sciences; must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA; must major in chemistry, biochemistry or nutrition and food science.

Richard Fehn Endowment

Must be a biology major; have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA; undergrads must be conducting research under faculty. Grads must have completed or be enrolled in BIOL 595 and have advancement to candidacy.

Math Department Scholarship

Must be a math major in the College of Natural Sciences

Beaver Medical Clinic Foundation Scholarship

Students must be a senior pursuing a career in the medical field. Preference is given to nursing majors.

Lucila Carreon Nursing Scholarship

Student must have an interest in nursing and a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.

Rhea Posjena Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Student must be at least a sophomore in good standing and have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

Ralph H. Petrucci Scholarship

honors a founding faculty member here at CSUSB, and  who spent his life dedicated to the pursuit of educating young chemists and scholars alike. This prestigious award will be given to CSUSB’s best and brightest, with two awards made annually to chemistry majors that show merit and interest in a chemistry-related career. Awardees should have a 3.0 GPA or higher and have an established need for the scholarship. Awards will be announced at the end-of-the-year chemistry celebration in early June, and will be awarded to one student going into their junior year, and one student going into their senior year. A student may only receive the scholarship once, so a junior recipient cannot receive the award the following year.