BS in Computer Engineering

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering program covers areas of electrical engineering and computer science that are relevant to the design of microprocessors, computers and other electronic digital systems. The  Bachelor of Science in Computing Engineering program is accreditated by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Program Information

Program requirements change from year to year. Students need to complete course requirements according to the academic year they last declared their major. This information is included on the PAWS Report.

Additional Resources

Advising Policy

Students meet with a faculty adviser at least once per year for the purpose of reviewing progress towards the degree and to ensure that the student’s course choices allow the student to complete their degree program in a timely manner.

Mission Statement

The mission of the computer engineering degree program is to provide all its students with a complete foundation in the theoretical and practical underpinnings of computer engineering strengthened through hands-on learning. The program will provide students with the design, analysis, reasoning, and communication skills necessary to pursue a meaningful career in computer engineering, or related fields. Program stakeholders will foster relationships with industry to increase student learning through collaborative projects that benefit society. The program will engage students in active, fundamental and applied research that enables them to pursue advanced degrees and contribute to the growing body of computer engineering knowledge.

Enrollment and Graduations

AY 2007/200813-
AY 2008/200967-
AY 2009/20101103
AY 2010/20111235
AY 2011/20121637
AY 2012/201324012
AY 2013/201427623
AY 2014/201530922
AY 2015/201634021
AY 2016/201735610
AY 2017/201835531
AY 2018/201935231
AY 2019/2020341NA

* Declared computer science majors in Fall quarter of designated year. 
** Annual graduations starting from Fall quarter of designated year. 
Source: CSUSB Office of Institutional Research