BA in Computer Systems

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Systems program emphasizes the application of principles to practical problem solving in a domain of interest. Students complete a core set of foundation courses and courses in one of the following concentrations: web programming, system administration, game development, graphics programming. Students also have the ability to combine the study of computer systems with another field of study through the general interdisciplinary option.

Program Information

Program requirements change from year to year. Students need to complete course requirements according to the academic year they last declared their major. This information is included on the PAWS Report.

Elective Coursework Application Forms

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Advising Policy

Students meet with a faculty adviser at least once per year for the purpose of reviewing progress towards the degree and to ensure that the student’s course choices allow the student to complete their degree program in a timely manner.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bachelor of Arts degree program is to strengthen student means to remain on a fulfilling, productive, life-long learning path by guiding them to fundamental understanding of the structure and operation of modern computer systems and the methods by which these systems are applied to the solution of problems of interest to society. The study of Computer Systems provides an ideal avenue for students to develop intellectual skills that will make them valued by their present and future employers and will lead them to opportunities in which they exercise their creativity and problem solving skills to accomplish tasks that are personally fulfilling and recognized as positive contributions to society. Faculty and staff of the School of Computer Science and Engineering are committed to providing the best possible learning environment for students to attain the benefits that come from mastery of this discipline. The principal characteristic of the BA program that distinguishes it from the traditional BS program offered by the School of Computer Science and Engineering is that it places greater emphasis on the process of problem solving in the context that Computer Science is applied outside of the computing discipline. To accomplish this, students take fewer units of theoretical computer science, mathematics and physics, and increase the number of units taken in applied courses that are relevant to the student’s chosen program option. In their final year of study, students complete a senior interdisciplinary project that solves a computing problem in their applied area of study.

The goal of the BA Computer Systems program is for graduates of the program to proceed to graduate study, attain industry positions in the computing field, or engage in other satisfactory activities for which their BA Computer Systems studies have prepared them.

Enrollment and Graduations

AY 2007/200810516
AY 2008/20099016
AY 2009/201010717
AY 2010/201110016
AY 2011/201212923
AY 2012/201316021
AY 2013/201413923
AY 2014/201515616
AY 2015/201617325
AY 2016/201719530
AY 2017/201817235
AY 2018/201916923
AY 2019/2020191NA

* Declared computer systems majors in Fall quarter of designated year. 
** Annual graduations starting from Fall quarter of designated year. 
Source: CSUSB Office of Institutional Research