The School of Computer Science and Engineering educates students in the disciplines of computing theory and machinery, and teaches them to apply their knowledge in a socially responsible way. The School educates students in the intellectual basis of the field, including issues of computability, information theory, and engineering, as well as the technology. Our graduates can design and implement the technology of computing and data communications with a deep understanding of the bases upon which these technologies rest. In addition to preparing professional workers for industry, we educate those students who wish to pursue an advanced degree or career in academic or industrial research. Students may study for the BS or MS in Computer Science, the BS in Computer Engineering, the BS in Bioinformatics, or the BA in Computer Systems.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering programs are both accredited by ABET.

Two Tenure-Track Faculty Positions are Open

School: Computer Science and Engineering
Rank: Assistant Professor
Effective: September 2019

For more details and to apply for the faculty position in COMPUTER SCIENCE, please visit THIS LINK

For more details and to apply for the faculty position in COMPUTER ENGINEERING, please visit THIS LINK