Noyce Teaching Fellowship

The Noyce Fellowship project will have a broad impact on underrepresented groups: Hispanics and African Americans comprise 84% of the SBCUSD student population, and the new SBCUSD hires in the past three years reflect similar ethnic compositions. The recruitment processes for the Fellows will be targeted to attract a diverse range of applicants, many of whom are likely to be from these historically under-represented groups. The program will enhance teaching and learning by offering a professional development program to mathematics teachers that will deepen and expand their knowledge of mathematics as it pertains to the secondary curriculum, and will enhance their ability to teach the curriculum effectively. The program builds district capacity and promotes sustainability in that it will increase both the number of teachers in SBCUSD with advanced degrees in mathematics, and the number of teacher leaders who are capable of facilitating and delivering site-based professional development activities. The outcomes of the professional development activities and the program will be shared on several levels: as part of their preparation, the Master Teaching Fellows will co-facilitate program activities and will present at professional conferences, and the leadership team will disseminate information to mathematics education communities through publications and conference presentations.

The professional development program will result in producing at least 14 secondary mathematics teachers who have completed a rigorous Masters of Arts in Teaching Mathematics (MAT) program. Concurrent to their enrollment in the MAT, these teachers will participate in seminars focused on pedagogical content and instructional strategies, engage in Lesson Study activities, and receive ongoing academic and pedagogical mentoring and coaching. Additionally, to expand district capacity in the area of mathematics education, the program will prepare at least six master mathematics teachers who will be capable of providing a wide range of site-based professional development support to existing teachers, to instruct in CSUSB pre-service programs, and be resident teachers for credential candidates. These master teachers will also complete the MAT program, participate in seminars to prepare them to assume coaching and mentoring roles, engage in Lesson Study activities with the Teaching Fellows, and receive academic advising, and mentoring, and coaching related to their new leadership activities. In addition, to ensure that all participants continue to expand their knowledge of current research and best practice in mathematics education, they will regularly attend and participate in local, regional and national professional conferences and will give presentations at some.