Biology Q2S Information

CSUSB will be switching to the semester system in Fall 2020. This website has information regarding the quarter-to-semester (Q2S) transition that is relevant to Biology majors as well as other students taking Biology courses.
The requirements for the Biology major will be different for students that declare the major after transition to semesters in Fall 2020, e.g. for all first-time freshmen in Fall 2020. Current Biology majors (those that have declared a Biology major during the quarter system) will have the option either to stay with your current (quarter system) requirements for graduation or to switch to the semester-system Biology major on or after Fall 2020; if you take no action, your requirements will not change from what they currently are. However, it may be advantageous for you to switch, depending on how far you have progressed in satisfying your major requirements.
To help navigate the Q2S transition, it is important to see an advisor (biology faculty or professional advisor) as soon as possible, and as often as necessary, to help develop an individual advising plan, and to complete your MyCAP academic plan. Information in the links and documents below will also help you make decisions regarding the Q2S transition. This website will be updated regularly throughout the Q2S transition, so please check back frequently for the latest information!

Biology BS semester system degree requirements (with quarter course equivalents)

Biology BS semester system degree requirements (with quarter course equivalents)


Slides from Biology course “teach-in” with general information on Q2S and information for Biology majors.

Course descriptions for selected Biology semester-system courses (those that fulfill group A-D requirements)


Table showing semester courses and quarter course equivalents for Biology courses.


Fall 2019 First time Freshman Biology Roadmaps